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Searching for high-quality supplies for your café? From customized disposable coffee cups to utensils, mixes, stirrers and more, we have everything you need to run, promote and develop your café, coffee stand or other hot beverage business.

From disposable hot drink cups to sleeves, clear PET cups and more, the supplies you use to serve coffee, tea and other café drinks can have a large impact on your café’s visibility, sales, and popularity.

Whether they’re serving as free, mobile advertising for your business or simply creating a more enjoyable experience for your customers, our custom café supplies can help you take your café or hot beverage business to the next level.

Available in a wide range of sizes, colors and design options, we have everything you need to give your café a professional, eye-catching image that draws in new customers and gives your existing customers a reason to return.

Would you like to learn more about our products and services? To request a quote or find out more about our range of custom café supplies, contact us now on 1-888-982-1628 or continue reading below.

Our Range of Café Supplies

We offer a complete range of customizable café supplies to help your café stand out from the crowd, attract attention and generate as much revenue as possible. Made using high-quality materials, our café supplies are perfect for food and beverage businesses of all sizes.

Coffee, Tea & Hot Drink Cups

Coffee is the core of any café business, which is why our custom printed hot drink cups are a perfect match for your café. Available in a wide range of sizes, our coffee and other beverage cups are made using high-quality materials to offer optimal comfort and safety for customers.

Choose from a wide range of sizes, starting from small four-ounce cups ideal for espresso and other “short” drinks to larger eight, 10, 12 and 16-ounce cups. We even stock a range of extra large 20 oz cups suitable for large milk-based coffee drinks, teas, and other hot beverages.

All of our coffee and hot beverage cups can be customized with your café’s logo, slogan, color scheme and other graphics. Available with full-color printing, we can bring your brand image to life through an eye-catching, highly visible coffee cup design.

Clear PET Cold Beverage Cups

Need to serve iced coffee, frappes, and other chilled beverages? Our clear PET cold beverage cups are ideal for anything served below room temperature, from a simple iced Americano to a rich and creamy shake.

Just like our range of hot beverage cups, our cold beverage cups can be customized with your logo, café name, and slogan. We offer up to six color printing for our clear PET cups, making it easy to bring your brand identity to life and advertise for free using your cold beverage cups.

Coffee Sleeves

Ideal for protecting your customers from hot beverages, our coffee sleeves are a must-have for any busy café. Made using thick, insulating materials, our coffee sleeves make handling any hot beverage a safer, easier process for your customers.

Like our coffee cups, our coffee sleeves are available either with full-color printing and artwork or as generic sleeves. Combined with a custom printed coffee cup, the right sleeves can deliver a powerful impression that helps to generate attention and promote your café.

Utensils, Stirrers & Straws

From stirring straws to giant wrapped plastic straws designed specifically with shakes in mind, we stock a full range of straws, stirrers and other essential utensils for every café, coffee stand, and beverage business.

Our range of straws and stirrers includes both paper-wrapped and loose plastic straws, as well as both plastic and wooden stirrers. We also offer larger straws suitable for smoothies, shakes, boba tea and other cold, ice-based beverages.

Need to offer disposable utensils for your customers? From bamboo chopsticks to heavy duty forks, knives, spoons and more, we’ve got you covered. Many of our café utensils are available in wooden, compostable materials to help you minimize your environmental impact.

 The Benefits of Using Custom Café Supplies

Whether you’re in the process of opening your café or simply want to improve and expand your business, switching from generic cups, sleeves and other café supplies to custom options offers several benefits:

  • Zero-Cost Advertising. Because custom disposable cups but your brand in front of any passersby, they help your existing customers into walking advertisements for your café, helping you bring in more foot traffic and generate more revenue.
  • Social Proof. There’s no better statement about the quality of your coffee than existing customers buying, drinking and enjoying it. The social proof factor of branded cups and other café supplies can inspire and motivate first-time customers to give your café a try.
  • Customer Loyalty. Believe it or not, customized coffee cups can help to increase your customer loyalty level. Since your brand is more visible for customers, people are more likely to return to your café when they feel like enjoying a fresh cup of coffee.
  • Improved Image. While generic coffee cups, sleeves and bags can work in your favor if you run a small café, switching to customized cups and other supplies is a key aspect of creating a professional, sleek and trustworthy image for your business.
  • Brand Recognition. The keys to brand recognition are visibility and recognition -- two factors that are both improved by putting your café brand front and center on cups and other supplies.
  • Results. Custom café supplies might seem like a cost, but the reality is that they’re an investment. Over the long term, the increase brand recognition, trust and visibility you’ll get from custom café supplies more than outweigh the modest additional cost.

Contact Us Now For a Custom Quote

Would you like to order customized supplies for your café? Whether you’re opening a new café or improving your existing business, we’re here to help you make the biggest impact with your coffee cups, sleeves, carry bags and other café essentials.

From designing your cups, sleeves and other item graphics to choosing the right sizes for your business, our experienced team can help you with every aspect of the process.
Interested in learning more about our products and services? For more information about our entire range of café and food service business supplies, or to request a quote for your custom café supplies, contact us now.


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