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9" X 6" 1 COMPT COMPOSTABLE BAGASSE TAKEOUT BOX, WHITE - 200/CS - (item code: 53096-1)

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9" x 6" 1 compt Compostable Bagasse Takeout Box, White - 200/cs

If you are looking for a Compostable take out box to pack up left over food or just simply to go, look no further! This compostable box is made from sugarcane / bagasse and does not impact the environment like plastic or foam. In fact, in a commercial compost facility, these compostable bagasse containers will fully biodegrade back to its natural form in 45-60 days! While it may take longer in a home composting bin, these are much better to the environment compare to plastic & foam.

Able to hold hot and cold food. Microwave Safe. Please note due to the nature of the material, these bagasse containers are not very resistance to moisture as it will get soften over time.

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