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Wide Array of Bar Supplies

View our wide array of Bar supplies

Make serving your customers a breeze with our great selection of bar and nightclub equipment and custom supplies.

From PET clear cups to cup rinsing machines, we stock all of the supplies and equipment you need to make your bar, pub or nightclub a success. In addition to our range of supplies for bar and nightclub businesses, we also offer a large range of customizable food service supplies.

Whether you’re aiming to make an impression with your customers, build a brand or give your bar or nightclub a sleek, professional look, our supplies can help you take your business to the next level.

Would you like to learn more about our products or request a quote? To speak to a member of our team and learn more about how we can help your bar, nightclub or other hospitality brand, contact us now on 1-888-982-1628.

You can also read on to learn about our entire range of bar and nightclub supplies, as well as our other customizable, branded food service business essentials.

Our Range of Customizable Bar & Nightclub Supplies

From customizable clear PET cups to straws, napkins and more, we stock everything you need to set your bar, pub or nightclub out from the crowd. Many of our bar supplies are customizable to your needs, letting you easily add your brand to cups, carry bags and more.

In addition to our range of customizable bar and nightclub supplies, we also offer a large range of janitorial supplies and bar equipment.

Customizable PET Clear Cups

Do you frequently host parties, sports game viewings, and other events? Our range of custom PET clear cups are ideal for parties and other group events that take place in your bar, club or other hospitality venue.

We offer a complete selection of PET clear cups, ranging from small eight ounce cups to 16, 20, 24, 28 and 32-ounce cups suitable for beers, cocktails, and other tall beverages. Available with a selection of clear PET lids, our high-quality PET cups are designed to minimize spilled drinks.

Customizable with up to six color printing, our PET clear cups are easy to personalize with your bar or nightclub’s logo, business name, slogan, phone number, address, special offers and other marketing information.

As well as our range of customizable PET clear cups, we also stock a range of plain PET clear cups that are ideal for new bars and nightclubs. Even our unbranded PET cups can be turned into unique marketing assets for your bar with simple labels, cool beverage sleeves and more.

Straws & Napkins

From cocktail napkins to stirring straws, we have everything you need to serve cocktails, bar snacks and other dishes while making it as easy as possible for your customers to stay fresh and comfortable.

Our range of straws includes options for every drink, from plastic stirring straws designed with cocktails and other mixed drinks in mind to generic plastic straws, plastic boba-style straws for blended drinks, colorful straws for parties and more.

Does your bar serve coffee, tea, and other hot beverages? We also offer a great selection of wooden stirrers designed specifically for hot drinks, making it easy to expand your bar menu with hot beverages and non-alcoholic drinks.

Searching for the perfect napkins for your bar? We’ve got ‘em all, from compact 3”x3” cocktail napkins designed for serving individual drinks and bar snacks to larger two-ply napkins, paper towels, and other options.

Cup Rinsing Machines & Bar Equipment

Increase efficiency and maintain a continual supply of cups for your customers with our range of cup rinsing machines. We stock a large selection of high-quality equipment for bars, nightclubs, and other food service businesses.

In addition to cup rinsing machines, we also offer a range of ice cream machines, frozen yogurt equipment, cup sealing machines, gelato machines and more, including high-quality equipment designed with the needs of bars, pubs, and nightclubs in mind.

Janitorial Supplies

From the dancefloor to the countertop, keeping your bar or nightclub clean, fresh and hygienic is an important part of running your business. We offer a full range of janitorial supplies, equipment, and other items for bars and nightclubs, with everything from a trash can liners to vinyl gloves.

Whether you need to keep your bar clean and fresh or maintain an entire kitchen, our janitorial supplies include everything you need to run your food service business while maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness, hygiene and food safety.

Benefits of Using Custom Bar & Nightclub Supplies

Using custom paper cold cups, carry bags, napkins and other accessories can have a range of benefits for your bar, nightclub or other food service business:

  • Earn Free Publicity. With your brand name front and center, custom printed supplies can be fantastic tools for attracting attention and generating free exposure from your existing customers.
  • Develop Social Proof. Every branded item you give away serves as a marketing asset for your bar or nightclub, helping to generate social proof and encourage new customers to drop by.
  • Inspire Repeat Purchases. Spotted a branded carry bag lately? Whenever a customer is exposed to your brand, it can inspire them to revisit and make a second purchase -- an element that makes branded bags, cups and other items valuable marketing tools.
  • Develop A Great Image. In addition to helping to generate publicity, branded bags and other bar and nightclub supplies can go a long way towards positioning your bar or club as a sleek, modern and appealing business.
  • Brand Recognition. As any marketing professional will tell you, repeated exposure to a brand helps to build brand recognition. With branded bags, cups and other supplies, it’s easier for your business to build familiarity, recognition, and comfort with customers.
  • Real Results. Not only can customized bags, cups, napkins and other supplies help you build a brand -- they can also enhance your earnings. From repeat sales to total revenue and more, customized supplies can have a significant positive impact on your business.

Contact Us Now To Request a Quote

Would you like to bring your bar or nightclub brand to life? From napkins, straws, and essentials to branded supplies, we’ve got everything you need to enhance your marketing and strengthen your bar or nightclub brand.

For more information or to request a quote for any of our bar and nightclub supplies, contact us now.


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