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Wide Array of Boba Tea Supplies

View our wide array of Boba Tea supplies

Searching for a way to help your boba tea shop stand out from the crowd? Our custom boba tea cups, straws, ingredients and equipment make it easier than ever to set up, market and grow a boba tea business in any area.

From PPC plastic cups to tapioca pearls, jellies and other ingredients, we stock everything you need to run your boba tea business. We also offer a large selection of custom packaging items to make setting your business apart from the competition a simple, affordable process.

Whether you’re setting up your first boba tea shop or expanding your existing business with a new location, we’re here to help. Beyond tea supplies, we also offer a full selection of janitorial equipment, napkins and other important supplies for your business.

Ready to get started? To request a quote or learn more about any of our products for boba tea and other food service businesses, contact us now on 1-888-982-1628. You can also read on to learn more about our product range for boba tea and other beverage-based businesses.

Our Range of Boba Tea Supplies

From PP plastic cups and sealing film to tapioca pearls, jellies, and tea powder, we stock all of the ingredients and supplies you need to make your boba tea business a success. Our entire range of boba tea supplies is available in both small quantities and in bulk to suit your needs.

PP Plastic Cups

Searching for the right cups for your boba tea business? The cups you use to serve your tea aren’t just there to make drinking your beverages easy for customers -- used effectively, they can also act as powerful, effective marketing tools for your business.

We offer a large range of high-quality PP plastic cups designed specifically for boba tea and other beverage businesses. Our PP plastic cups range in size from 16 to 33 ounces, with a diverse range of sizes in between to suit the needs of your customers.

Many of our cups are made using extra thick transparent PP, allowing them to serve chilled beverages as well as hot drinks (up to 248°F/120°C). Completely transparent, our PP cups make it easy for both your staff and your customers to see the exact drinks they’ve ordered.

Want to customize your cups? From sleeves to stickers, we offer a variety of custom printing options to let you add your brand, personality or company ethos to your serving cups to help market your business and impress your customers.

All of our PP plastic cups are available with matching dome lids for hot beverages, as well as sealing film for boba tea and other iced drinks.

Tapioca Pearls/Boba & Jellies

Searching for the perfect tapioca pearls for your boba tea business? We’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. From regular sized pearls to large, mini and colored boba pearls, our large range of boba tea ingredients includes everything you need to run and grow your business.

Choose from a wide range of sizes and colors, from plain tapioca pearls to pink boba, green boba, mini-sized tapioca pearls and more. Our range includes everything you need to offer a diverse selection of drinks to your customers.

In addition to boba pearls, we stock an extensive range of popping boba jellies that are perfect for custom drinks and special orders. Choose from a huge range of great-tasting flavors, from strawberry to passionfruit, to add extra flavor and visual appeal to your fruit-based tea drinks.

Tea Leaves, Powder & Syrup

Great boba tea businesses are built around great tea. From loose leaves to pouches, we stock an extensive range of high-quality teas, all of which are manufactured and packaged with boba tea businesses in mind.

From green tea to black tea, classic Thai tea and more, we stock all of the most popular boba tea flavors. Available in mid-sized bags or in bulk, our range of teas includes everything your boba tea store needs to stand out from the competition and generate repeat business.

In addition to our range of loose leaf and pouch tea, we stock a complete range of flavor syrups for all of the most common boba tea beverages. From blueberry to green apple, our syrup range includes all of the options you need to run a successful, locally loved boba tea business.

Cup Sealing Machines, Sealing Film & Other Equipment

Are you preparing to open your first boba tea shop? We stock a complete range of boba tea sealing machines suitable for everything from shopping mall boba tea stands to large, busy retail tea locations.

Our range of boba tea cup sealing machines includes both affordable, semi-automatic models and a range of high-end, automatic commercial machines. We also stock high quality sealing film designed for 95mm PP plastic cups.

Beyond sealing machines and other equipment, we have everything you need to ensure your boba tea business runs smoothly. From janitorial supplies to straws, napkins and more, we’re here to make sure your boba tea business has everything it needs to operate and grow.

Key Advantages of Custom Boba Tea Supplies

From helping your business stand out from the crowd to showing your customers that you’re dedicated to offering a professional, high quality product, there are numerous advantages to using custom supplies for your boba tea business:

  • Free Advertising and Attention. With nothing more than a customized cup sleeve, you can generate free attention and advertising for your business, letting you increase local awareness and attract more customers.
  • Social Proof. When people see an existing customer enjoying your boba tea, they’re more likely to feel motivated to purchase one for themselves. This is the real power of social proof, and it’s something you can tap into through branded tea shop supplies.
  • Customer Loyalty. The stronger your brand, the stronger your bond with your paying customers. Branded cups, sleeves, bags and other accessories help you strengthen your bond with existing customers, motivating them to return and buy again.
  • Professional Appearance. Appearances matter, and nothing shows that your tea shop is a serious business more than branded supplies. From cups to sealing film, sleeves or bags, adding your brand to your store’s supplies shows that you take branding seriously.
  • Brand Recognition. The more customers are exposed to your brand, the more likely it is that they’ll remember it. Over time, the repetition factor of branded supplies, bags and other items can contribute to a stronger brand that helps your business grow.
  • Results. Believe it or not, branded bags, cups and other supplies produce results. Over the long term, switching from generic supplies to branded alternatives can help you put together a strong, compelling and trustworthy brand that drives revenue and results.
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    From small businesses to growing franchises, we’ve helped numerous food service businesses stand out from the crowd, develop unique brands and produce lasting results through the power of customized supplies.

    Would you like to learn more about how we can help your business? For more information about any of our products or to request a custom quote for your needs, contact us now.


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