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Wide Array of Yogurt Supplies

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Bring your yogurt brand to life with our eye-catching, high quality printed cups, spoons and other wholesale take-out supplies.

Branding is a key factor in the success of any yogurt business. Our customized cups and to-go products can help your brand stand out from the crowd, increasing customer loyalty and helping you grow your business.

From small froyo stores to large chains, we’ve helped a diverse range of yogurt brands enhance their brand image, drive repeat sales and take their business to the next level with our range of customized carryout supply products.

Would you like to give your brand an edge? For more information about our products and services,contact us now on 1-888-982-1628 or continue reading below.



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Our Custom Printed Yogurt and Dessert Cups

Our custom printed yogurt cups are the perfect way to give your small yogurt business or chain a branding edge that helps you attract more customers, make more sales and develop a strong, memorable brand.

We offer a wide range of custom yogurt and dessert cups suitable for frozen yogurt stores, retail yogurt brands and other yogurt businesses. Our customizable cups are even suitable for events such as farmer’s markets and in-store promotions.

Our range of yogurt cups includes everything from small four ounce cups to larger 28 and 32 oz cups suitable for pre-packaged yogurt products, as well as a huge selection of mid-sized cups to provide your customers with as much choice as possible.

In addition to custom printed froyo cups, we also offer plain yogurt cups and lids, as well as a range of yogurt cup dividers, taster/portion cups, color changing cups, PET clear dessert cups and other essentials for your yogurt business.

Better yet, all of our customizable yogurt cups are made from high quality materials, making it easy for your customers to enjoy frozen yogurt without worrying about leaks, spills and other common annoyances.

Why Should You Invest In Custom Yogurt Brand Supplies?

From worldwide brands to regional successes, the world’s most successful takeout brands all have one thing in common: they take branding very seriously.

Brand visibility is one of the most important aspects of your business’s success. With a highly visible, memorable brand, your brand, store or franchise gains a large range of advantages over the competition:

  • Visibility.Using custom yogurt cups, bags and other supplies, you can convert every customer into a walking advertisement for your store, helping to increase local awareness and inform potential customers about your brand.

  • Social Proof. Have you ever spotted someone carrying a branded cup, shopping bag, tray or other product, then felt motivated to try the brand for yourself? Custom cups can help create social proof, driving sales and customer interest for your brand.

  • Repeat Visits. Want to motivate your existing customers to return to your store for another sale? Branded cups act as a 24/7 advertisement, helping to motivate your existing customers to return for another taste and extra revenue.

  • Professionalism. Like it or not, branding matters. Potential customers are more likely to take your brand seriously and perceive your product as being high quality when it comes in a professional, custom branded cup, package or container.

  • Recognition.As a brand, McDonald’s virtually owns the colors red and yellow. Branding your containers and other products with a particular color scheme, pattern and identity is a key part of creating brand recognition and lifelong relationships with your customers.

  • Results. More than anything else, branded yogurt containers, lids and other products are highly effective. Over the long term, taking your packaging and other essentials seriously can play a key role in helping your yogurt brand develop, grow and prosper.

Interested in learning more about how you can grow and strengthen your yogurt brand with our yogurt store essentials? Contact us now to talk to a member of our team and learn more about how we’ve helped small and mid-sized businesses grow with branded takeout supplies.

Other Brand Essentials

Looking for spoons, napkins, to-go bags and other essentials? Beyond our range of customized yogurt cups and other products for frozen yogurt brands, we also stock a huge range of takeout essentials.

From spoons and other utensils to paper and plastic bags, we’ve got everything you need to put your brand ahead of the competition and keep customers coming back for more.

Ideal for Yogurt Stores, Pre-Packaged Brands & More

Our supplies are the ideal choice for a wide range of businesses, from high street and shopping mall froyo stores to grocery store yogurt brands, high-end frozen yogurt products and more:

  • Retail Stores.Increase brand recognition and “wow” your customers with our high quality, eye-catching froyo cups and other supplies. Compared to non-branded cups, our yogurt cups help your business stand out from the competition with a sleek, professional image.

  • Grocery Store Brands. Put your product on display inside the freezer with an eye-catching package design. Available in a massive range of colors and customized designs, our yogurt packaging is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd and drive convenience store and supermarket sales.
  • High-End Frozen Brands. Show off your yogurt’s quality with elegant, stylish packaging. From cups to lids and more, our brand essentials can help you put together the upmarket, luxurious image your brand needs to succeed.

Contact Us Now For a Custom Quote

Do you run a frozen yogurt business? Whether your product is sold through retail stores or a network of third party distributors, our supplies can help you develop the eye-catching, effective brand you need for success.

In addition, we also offer a complete range of high quality supplies for ice cream, juice and other dessert businesses.
As specialists in take-out supplies, our experienced team can help you learn more about the best options for your frozen yogurt business. To request a quote or find out more about any of our products, contact us now.


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