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Wide Array of Juice Supplies

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Give your juice shop a competitive edge and a distinctive brand with our range of high quality, customizable PET clear cups, juice bottles, labels, sleeves, cup carriers and other juice shop essentials.

From fresh ingredients to competitive pricing, a wide range of factors can help your juice shop grow and prosper. From signage to cups, bottles and labels, branding is a vital component for helping your juice shop stand out from the crowd and develop into a successful business.

Whether you run a small juice shop or a small empire of retail stores, we’re here to help you take your juice shop to the next level. From PET clear cups to sleeves, napkins, carriers and more, we stock everything you need to run, grow and optimize your juice business.

Want to learn more about how our products can help bring your juice shop to life? Contact us now on 1-888-982-1628 to request a quote or talk to a member of our expert team, or continue reading below to learn more about our range of products.

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Our Custom Juice Shop Supplies

Want to help your juice shop stand out from the crowd? We offer a complete range of custom juice shop supplies, from PET clear cups with customized branding to bottles, labels, spoons, sleeves and more. Our range of juice shop essentials includes all of the products below:

  • PET Clear Cups. Available in a range of sizes, our PET clear cups can be customized with your juice shop’s logo, slogan and other graphics. Ideal for making an impact and generating free advertising from your customers.
    Our PET clear cups are available in a wide range of sizes, from small eight ounce cups all the way up to jumbo-sized 32 ounce cups. In addition to clear PET cups with custom branding, we also offer a wide range of unbranded, plain PET drink and dessert cups.

  • PET Clear Lids. We stock matching PET clear lids for all of our PET cups, helping you minimize spills and provide a better product experience to your customers.
  • Juice Bottles. Ideal for cold pressed juice, brewed tea and other premade beverages, our high quality PET juice bottles come in a wide range of sizes, from eight ounces all the way up to large 32 ounce bottles. We also offer matching tamper seal bottle caps.
  • Custom Labels. Give your juice bottles, cups and other beverage containers a more personalized touch with our custom labels. Perfect for fresh and premade drinks, our high quality labels can be customized with your logo, slogan and color scheme.
    Because our custom labels have a short two-week lead time, they’re a great option for your store’s first few weeks or while you wait for your customized PET cup order to be completed.
  • Custom Sleeves. Perfect for fresh juice, brewed tea and hot beverages, our custom sleeves are easy to wrap around a clear PET cup, letting you advertise your business without having to order custom printed PET clear cups.
  • Cup and Bottle Carriers. Do your customers often buy juice for large groups? Make carrying beverages for your bulk customers easier with our high quality cup and bottle carriers, all of which can be customized with your brand, logo and slogan.
  • Spoons, Napkins and Other Essentials. We also offer a complete selection of spoons, napkins and other juice shop essentials to make running your juice business as easy as possible.
  • Janitorial Supplies. From plastic trash can liners to hand soap, vinyl gloves, stainless steel scrubbers and more, we’ve got the hygiene and janitorial side of your juice brand fully covered.

In addition to our range of juice shop supplies, we also offer a complete selection of essential supplies for cafés, frozen yogurt/ice cream shops, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, food trucks and other food service businesses.

How We Can Help Your Business Grow

If you’re currently using generic PET clear cups, bottles and cup carriers for your juice shop, you could be leaving a significant amount of growth potential on the table. From visibility to customer loyalty, customized cups, bottles and other juice shop supplies have a range of benefits:

  • Free Advertising. Have you ever noticed a branded cup, bottle or other product while walking down the street? Customized cups and other juice shop supplies make getting attention easier, helping you advertise your business without the usual costs.
  • Social Proof. Seeing one person enjoying your product is often all it takes to motivate passersby to become customers, helping you generate sales and earn new customers through the power of social proof.

  • Recurring Business. Want to keep your existing customers coming back for more? A custom branded PET clear cup or bottle with your logo on it is often all it takes to bring loyal customers back into your store, helping you earn repeat sales and revenue.

  • A Professional, “Big Brand” Look. Design matters, and nothing helps your juice shop achieve the “big brand” look like a complete set of customized cups, bottles, carriers and other accessories.

  • Brand Recognition. The more visible and memorable your brand is, the more likely it is that passersby will step into your juice shop and try your products. Custom cups, bottles and other accessories can make your brand more memorable, helping you to form new customer relationships and strengthen your business.

  • Results. From repeat sales to improved brand perception, the benefits from customized cups, bottles and other juice shop supplies are real, significant and measurable, making the right supplies a great investment for your business.

Contact Us Now For a Custom Quote

Whether you’re opening your first juice shop or expanding your existing business, we’re here to help. As specialists in takeout businesses, we can help you design and manufacture the perfect PET cups, bottles, carriers and other supplies to help your juice business grow.

Beyond cups, bottles and other essentials, we also stock a complete range of janitorial supplies and other items to help your juice shop run as smoothly, cleanly and headache-free as possible.
Ready to take the next step towards building your brand and growing your juice business? To request a quote, learn more about our products or speak to a member of our team, contact us now.


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