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Equip your ramen and noodle restaurant with the promotional materials and supplies you need to generate attention, attract more customers and make more sales.

From plastic bowls, paper bags and cold cups to utensils, napkins and more, we stock a large range of essential supplies for ramen businesses. Many of our restaurant supplies are easy to customize using full-color printing, letting you add your logo and brand to bags, cups and more.

Whether you’re in the process of opening your first ramen shop or busy expanding your existing restaurant business, our experienced team can design eye-catching, effective supplies that take your business to the next level.

Would you like to learn more about how we can bring your ramen, noodle or other food service brand to life? For more information, contact us now at 1-888-982-1628. You can also read more about our range of restaurant supplies and other products below.

Our Customizable Ramen & Noodle Business Supplies

Want to help your ramen and noodle business stand out from the crowd? From branded carry bags to customized clear PET cups, we stock everything you need to establish and promote your restaurant brand.

As specialists in restaurant supplies and branding, we’ve helped a large range of ramen and other food service businesses attract attention, generate buzz and earn new customers using eye-catching, customized supplies.

Below, you can learn more about our custom and unbranded supplies for ramen and noodle businesses, as well as our full range of restaurant and food service business supplies.

Plastic Bowls

Do you need to serve takeout ramen orders? Our range of plastic bowls are perfect for serving customers that want to take their order home with them, all while delivering the same excellent experience you provide to dine-in customers.

We offer a large range of plastic food bowls that are ideal for ramen, fried noodles, rice bowls, soup-based dishes and other popular meals. Choose from a range of sizes, from small 22 oz foam bowls to 16 oz, 24 oz and 32 oz round plastic food containers.

Many of our plastic bowls have diamond patterning, making them easier to grip, stack and store within your restaurant. We also stock a range of stackable round containers that store easily in counters, shelves, and other storage areas.

With matching plastic sealed lids, all of our plastic bowls are perfect for noodle soup and other wet dishes. We also offer a complete range of small, medium and large donburi bowls for rice dishes, meat-based dishes, and other meals.

From stickers to sleeves, wrapping paper and more, our plastic bowls are easy to decorate and customize to match your restaurant’s brand identity.

Paper Cold Cups

Need to serve soda, iced tea, and other chilled beverages? Our range of paper cold cups makes serving any chilled beverage easy, with a massive selection of different decorations and sizes to choose from.

We offer high-quality paper cold cups in a complete range of sizes, from small eight ounce cups designed for mini servings to larger 12, 16, 22, 24 and 32-ounce sizes. All of our paper cups are easy to seal with matching flat lids, making transporting drinks a breeze for your customers.

Add a great selection of patterns and colors into the equation and our cold cups are the perfect supplies for keeping your customers happy while promoting your ramen business.

Paper Bags

Make carrying meals as easy as possible for your customers with our great selection of paper and plastic bags. We stock a large range of paper carry bags, ranging from small 6½” bags all the way up to large to-go bags, round handle bags and more.

Easy to customize with stickers and full-color graphics, our paper bags aren’t just perfect for carrying customer orders -- they can also serve as powerful, effective promotional assets for your business.

From generating interest in your food to strengthening your brand recognition in the local area, switching from generic paper bags to our custom printed carry bags is a great way to bring your ramen or noodle shop’s brand identity to life.

Utensils & Napkins

From bamboo chopsticks to soup spoons, knives, forks and more, we’ve got all of the utensils you need to run your ramen business with ease. From plastic utensils to biodegradable knives, forks, and spoons, our selection includes a great range of options to suit any food business.

In addition to conventional utensils, we stock a great selection of utensils designed specifically for ramen and noodle restaurants.

Beyond utensils, we also have a huge range of napkins for you to choose from, including small cocktail napkins, multi-fold napkins, paper towels and more.

How Custom Supplies Can Enhance Your Ramen & Noodle Business

From helping you benefit from free advertising to giving your existing customers the inspiration they need to return for a second purchase, custom bags, cups and other supplies can have a range of advantages for your ramen, noodle or other food service business:

  • Advertise For Free. Every time someone sees a branded carry bag, cup or other item from your ramen or noodle restaurant, it acts as an influential advertising impression, all at no cost to your business.
  • Build Social Proof. There’s no better form of advertising than a happy customer. With branded cups, carry bags, food containers and other supplies, every satisfied customer serves as a form of social proof for your business.
  • Repeat Sales. Have you ever spotted a branded bag, food container or other item, then felt like visiting the restaurant itself? Branded supplies can inspire repeat purchases from your existing customers, driving revenue and helping you to grow your business.
  • Professionalism. Want to help your ramen or noodle business stand out from your key competitors? Branded, customized supplies can help you develop a sleek, unique and professional image that sets you apart from the competition.
  • Brand Recognition. The more your customers are exposed to your ramen or noodle restaurant’s branding, the stronger their bond with your business, its products and the experience of enjoying your food becomes.
  • Results. From a boost in buzz and publicity to a measurable increase in sales, using branded, customized supplies for your ramen, noodle or other food service business could potentially produce significant, sustainable results.

Contact Us Now To Get Started

From plastic bowls to customized paper cups, carry bags and more, we can supply the supplies your ramen, noodle or other food service business depends on, all with fast turnaround and cost-effective pricing.

Would you like to learn more about how your business can benefit from custom branded bags, food containers, and other supplies? For more information or to request a quote for your needs, contact us now.


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