Mochi - Bingsoo Rice Cake - Original White (24 bags per case)
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Mochi - Bingsoo Rice Cake - Original White (24 bags per case)

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One of THE Best selling toppings!
Chewy, Sweet!
24 bags/cs

Mochi (Bingsoo Rice Cake) is made from the best manufacturer in Korea, it is pounded into paste and molded into the desired. It is a multicomponent food consisting of, polysaccharides, lipids, protein and water. The protein concentration of the rice is a bit higher than normal short-grain rice and the two also differ in amylose content. In mochi rice, the amylose content is negligible which results in the soft gel consistency of mochi. Its chewy greatness is almost too perfect to eat. This magical topping makes such an amazing combination on your frozen yogurt, or just about any pastry of your desire. It's popular and purchased by most of our valuable customers.

It is available in both white and assorted colors and is packaged in 24 bags/ cs.

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