7” Wooden Coffee Stirrer With Round End - (500 per case)
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7” Wooden Coffee Stirrer With Round End - (500 per case)

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Wooden Compostable Coffee Stirrer 7 inch Length Round End

Offer an environmentally friendly alternative to compostable coffee stirrer at your coffee shop or restaurant with this wooden coffee stirrer! These wooden utensils are made of Birchwood, which mean they are ecofriendly to our Earth and are 100% compostable. 

Material: Birchwood 
Packaging: 500/box  
Dimension(appx.): L-6 7/8'', W-1/8''


Wooden Product FAQ:

Would splinters be any problem? 
This wooden utensil feels just like a popsicle stick or a tongue depressor, only shaped like cutlery. You won't have to worry about splinters.

How long does wooden utensil take to break down? 
In an industrial composting facility, wooden utensil takes about 80 days to break down. The length of time in a backyard compost pile will vary depending on the location.

Will the birch wood used to make this utensil affect the taste of my food? 
This wooden utensil is intended for use with food. Because wood is a porous material, flavors may become absorbed into your utensils while you use them, preventing the taste of wood from overpowering your food.

Disclaimer: Due to the natural of the material, variation may exist between products such as woodmark and color. These are natural features of the product and not considered defect.