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3 Reasons to Choose Ice Cream Cups Over Cones

Can’t choose how to serve your ice cream? From conventional ice cream cones to customized ice cream cups, today’s ice cream shop owners can choose from a wide variety of packaging and serving options for their ice cream products.

While cones might be the traditional choice -- many people still refer to ice cream as “ice cream cones” out of habit alone -- there are several advantages to choosing to serve your ice cream in cups instead.

From increasing brand awareness to simplifying carryout orders, we’ve listed three key reasons to choose ice cream cups over cones below.

Cups Make Promoting Your Brand Easy

Inexpensive and convenient, ice cream cups can be personalized with your own branding to put your brand identity front and center whenever anyone orders an ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato or other product from your shop.

This means that not only is every ice cream you sell a source of revenue for your business -- it’s also a promotional tool that you can use to increase brand awareness, generate new customers and make more sales.

Because your customers will walk around the local area while carrying their ice cream cups, it’s easy for your cup design to attract the attention of tens or hundreds of people based on nothing more than a single purchase.

This attention translates into visibility for your brand, which in turn can lead to an increase in foot traffic for your ice cream shop, sales for your prepackaged ice cream brand and overall visibility and brand awareness for your business.

Cups Are Cheap and Simple

Wholesale ice cream cups are very inexpensive, making them a great option if you’re aiming to keep your ice cream business’s costs as low as possible.

When you buy ice cream cups in the thousands, the cost per unit becomes extremely low. This makes it easy to serve your ice cream products at competitive prices, helping you compete with other ice cream brands on both price and quality.

Because ice cream cups stack easily, they’re also cheap and convenient to store. Want to save even more money per serving? If you’re just getting started and want to keep costs low, using a range of unbranded ice cream cups can help you cut even more off of your cost per serving.

Unlike Cones, Cups Don’t Perish

One of the biggest disadvantages of ice cream cones is that they’re perishable goods, meaning they can go bad over time if they aren’t used quickly. This means you need to constantly order and use new cones in order to reduce wasted inventory (which, in turn, wastes money).

Wholesale ice cream cups, on the other hand, are easy to buy in bulk and store for months at a time, simplifying inventory management for your ice cream business and allowing you to focus on running your business instead of constantly ordering new supplies.

Beyond the convenience factor of non-perishable supplies, cups are also cheaper to store than cones. Add in the fact that you’ll rarely, if ever, have to dispose of damaged or old cups and it’s easy to see how cups offer a variety of significant advantages for your ice cream business.