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September 25, 2018

Looking for an affordable, highly effective way to advertise your ice cream business? Rather than conventional advertising, the best way to get the word out could be through eye-catching ice cream cups.

Marketing through customized ice cream cups, or “paper cup advertising,” as it’s known, is a cheap, simple and highly effective way to promote your business. By turning every customer into a walking, talking advertisement, you can attract new customers at a minimal cost.

From Starbucks to McDonald’s, a surprising number of businesses have grown through smart equivalents to paper cup marketing. Below, we’ve shared three reasons why smart paper cup tactics work, as well as how you can use them to grow your ice cream business.

It’s Built on Classic Advertising Principles

The key to promoting any business, be it ice cream or a highly specific consultancy, is making sure you’re as visible as possible. Visibility is what gets your message out there, helping you to connect with the people that are most likely to become your customers.

Small, easy to carry and hugely mobile, paper ice cream cups are the perfect mobile billboard, helping you to advertise your business and maximize your visibility level on a level that other advertising methods can’t match.

In short, they follow all of the classic advertising principles you need for successful marketing, from visibility to mobility to social proof. Combined, these principles make paper cups far more than what most business owners expect -- a powerful tool for marketing your ice cream brand.

It’s Highly Effective and Inexpensive

Buy ice cream cups wholesale and you’ll spend a tiny amount on each individual cup, letting your business gain a valuable promotional asset at a cost that’s barely more than what you’d pay for generic cups.

This combination of effectiveness and affordability makes ice cream cups ideal as a low-cost yet high-ROI marketing tool. It also puts them within the financial reach of businesses that may not be able to afford conventional advertising channels such as TV or radio.

Cost is a major factor in the advertising choices made by small businesses. Since paper cups are famously cheap to produce, they’re great for small ice cream businesses looking to gain a powerful promotional tool at a manageable cost.

It Scales Flawlessly as Your Business Grows

Perhaps the best element of paper cup marketing is that it scales extremely well as your ice cream business grows.

Need to increase your reach in a specific area? After you’ve opened a new location, equip it with all of the paper cups you need and build brand awareness passively as you serve new customers.

Want to promote your latest special? Order a batch of custom wholesale ice cream cups and watch as awareness spreads through your most valuable audience -- your existing customers.

As businesses grow, it’s far from uncommon for conventional marketing tactics to become less effective. Paper cup marketing, on the other hand, is the ideal tactic for scaling your marketing efforts at the same pace as your ice cream business.


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