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How to Make Instagram Worthy Packaging For Your Ice Cream Products

Do you want your ice cream products to stand out on Instagram? You’re not alone. A growing number of food service and hospitality businesses are using Instagram to market their dishes and food products, often with impressive results.

According to the Q3 2016 Sprout Social Index, 75% of people purchase a product specifically because they saw it on social media. As an image-based social network, Instagram is usually the main source of eye-catching, inspiring new products for consumers.

In short, standing out on Instagram can be a major advantage for any business. Packaging is often at the center of this -- create eye-catching, effective packaging and you’ll find it easier to attract attention on any social platform, Instagram included.

Below, we’ve shared three simple but effective tactics that you can use to make eye-catching, effective and Instagram-worthy packaging for your ice cream products, helping you to attract more attention, build a stronger brand and motivate new customers to try your products.

Choose an Eye-Catching Color Scheme

One of the biggest advantages of custom ice cream packaging is that it gives you full control over the color of your packaging -- a factor that can be hugely influential in attracting attention and helping your product stand out from the crowd.

Most ice cream has simple packaging, with colors like cream and light blue popular. While this can look great on store shelves, it’s often far from ideal for the fast-paced environment of social networks like Instagram.

From bright pink to green, purple and orange, choosing eye-catching, high contrast colors can help your products immediately capture the attention of Instagram users, netting you a greater amount of attention and a more effective presence on social media.

Keep it Big, Bold and Simple

Have you ever watched someone use Instagram? Rather than moving through their feed at a steady pace, Instagram users tend to scroll quickly, only ever stopping if something specifically catches their attention.

Because of this, simplicity is almost always the most effective packaging strategy. Make your packaging too complex and -- even if stylish and unique -- there’s a serious risk of Instagram, Facebook, and other social network users simply scrolling past it.

Instead, keep it simple. Choose a large, bold and easy-to-read typeface for your product and brand names, then back it up with packaging that anyone can quickly scan and understand in just a few seconds.

Invest in High-Quality Photographs

Contrary to popular belief, your smartphone camera probably isn’t enough to build an effective, professional presence on Instagram. Instead, it’s far better to invest in high-quality photography, either using your own DSLR camera or by a hired photographer.

Although Instagram limits the resolution of the photos you share, important factors such as the depth of field, exposure and framing can all impact the way customers perceive your ice cream products, making professional photographs the way to go for Instagram.

From composition to lighting, a professional photographer will know exactly how to frame your custom ice cream container for maximum impact, allowing you to get a stronger reaction when you post and share your content on Instagram.