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June 26, 2018

A great disposable coffee cup does more than just hold your beverage. It can also serve as a powerful marketing channel for your business, helping you bring in more customers, sell more coffee and generate more revenue.

In fact, the design of your disposable coffee cups can have a range of significant benefits for your business. We’ve listed five of them below, along with tips on how to implement a custom disposable coffee cup design into your café or food and beverage business.

Generate Free Advertising for Your Brand

Ever wonder how Starbucks grew into the giant it is today? In its early years, the small Seattle coffee chain was one of the first to add custom branding to its takeout cups, making it easy for passersby to associate the beverages with the brand.

When you add your logo, tagline, color scheme and another branding to your disposable coffee cups, you turn ever beverage you sell into a moving, mobile advertisement for your business.

This puts your brand in front of hundreds of people whenever a customer walks through a mall with your beverage in hand. Better yet, it adds social proof to your product by putting your brand in the hands of an existing customer.

In short, a branded coffee cup acts as a mobile billboard for your café, helping you generate a huge amount of visibility without the costs of conventional banners, billboards, and other visual advertising.

Encourage Repeat Purchases From Existing Customers

Have you ever noticed an empty coffee cup on your desk and suddenly felt the urge to drink a cup of coffee? It’s a real phenomenon, and when it’s your brand that’s on the customer’s desk, there’s a good chance it’s your café they’ll visit.

Branded coffee cups not only serve as a form of free marketing for earning the attention of new customers -- they can also act as free advertising for your café with existing customers, helping you bring regulars back in for another cup of coffee.

In the world of branding, repetition is everything. By adding your logo to your disposable coffee cups, you can increase the repetition factor and convert your café into more than “just another place to drink coffee,” but the go-to destination for your target audience.

Strengthen Your Brand and Business Identity

In the competitive world of takeout coffee, branding matters. Establish your coffee shop as the go-to option for local residents, workers and passersby and you’ll earn a steady stream of sales and customers that can help your business grow.

Neglect to develop a brand and even with the best coffee in the area, your business can fail to thrive.

Branding your disposable cups helps you develop a brand that people will remember. By putting your logo, brand identity and message front and center on your product, customers are far more likely to remember your business, return for a repeat visit and recommend you to their friends.

Develop Your Product or Brand’s Image

Packaging has a huge effect on customer perception. From the sleek, minimalistic packaging of Apple products to the luxurious boxes used by jewelry companies, the world’s top brands know that the packaging is, in many ways, just as important as the product.

The world of coffee, tea, and other beverages is no different. Just like a certain glass can add a level of intrigue and uniqueness to a cocktail, the right disposable cup design can give a cup of coffee a unique, eye-catching look that brands it with a certain quality.

From a dark, conservative color scheme to a bright, fresh image, the look and feel of your coffee cups can have a significant impact on the way people perceive not just your coffee, but the feel, vibe, and values of your café as a whole.

Create a Professional First Impression

Finally, opting for branded disposable coffee cups instead of generic paper cups helps to give your café a professional image -- one that many customers will associate with a higher quality product.

By branding your disposable cups, you show that you’re serious about running your business -- that you’re willing to invest in making sure even the smallest details aren’t just good, but perfect.

This all contributes to a positive first impression that helps customers associate your coffee, tea and other drinks with a reputable, responsible business. Over the long term, this can contribute to higher customer retention rates, greater sales and more revenue for your business.

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