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September 04, 2018

Looking to expand your ice cream business? Focus on your brand. From customized ice cream cups to carry bags, putting your brand front and center in front of as many potential customers as possible is an effective, proven way to attract attention and grow your business.

Used in tandem with conventional marketing, branded supplies can have a synergistic effect on your business. Below, we’ve shared a simple, effective brand exposure formula that you can use to enhance your visibility, strengthen your brand and expand your ice cream business.

Focus on Visibility

Visibility is one of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign, especially for local businesses such as ice cream shops. In short, the more visible your stores and products are, the more likely passersby and local residents are to give your products a try.

One of the easiest ways to increase your visibility is to use your existing product sales as an opportunity to market your brand.

For an ice cream business, this means switching from plain cups to branded ice cream cups, from plain paper carry bags to branded carry bags, and from a product-first, branding-second strategy to one in which brand and product are equal.

Are you taking advantage of every possible opportunity to increase visibility? From ice cream cups to carry bags, napkins and more, aim to brand every supply your business uses to earn maximum visibility and attention.

As small as these changes can seem, over the long term, they can have a profound impact on your ice cream business’s brand recognition and growth.

Be as Unique as Possible

The world’s most effective brands have one thing in common: they’re totally unique and unlike their competitors.

In a world of bland, conventional technology logos and brand identities, Apple stands out due to its sleek, ultra-modern brand image. Starbucks stands out for the same reason -- it’s a unique and easily identifiable logo isn’t like anything else you see at the front of a coffee shop.

In crowded industries like ice cream, it pays to be unique. By creating and promoting a unique, one-of-a-kind brand, you earn more for your money, with each exposure more likely to result in potential customers remembering you.

This could mean a unique, eye-catching color scheme. It could mean a logo that stands out from the crowd. It could simply mean a fun, memorable brand name. The key is to stand out and aim to be unique, as doing so can produce a huge range of benefits for your business.

Take Quality Seriously

Finally, it’s important to make sure that your brand is presented in the light, style, and design you want to see it in. This means avoiding low quality, cheap printed supplies and ensuring you use the best in the business.

Even with a perfectly designed logo and flawless color scheme, cheap materials can negatively affect your brand perception. Take quality seriously and invest in ice cream cups, carry bags and other materials that present your brand in the best possible light to maximize your results.


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