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February 13, 2018

Do you want to start an ice cream, gelato or frozen yogurt business? Do you want to grow your brand and give your customers that special touch? Do you want to advertise your business using paper cups? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have your work cut out for you when it comes to designing the best paper yogurt cups. To most people, a cup is just a cup and it doesn’t really matter as long as it serves the purpose. However, if you want to stand out, here are some of the factors you must consider when conceptualizing your yogurt business cups.


Depending on your business, you want a cup that will be suitable for the desserts you sell. Most paper cups are okay holding frozen stuff like yogurt and ice cream. However, the perfect cup should not be limited to cold stuff only; it may be able to handle a hot desert item too without melting or falling apart. When you are conceptualizing your paper yogurt cups, you must ensure that they are able to keep cold stuff cold and hot items hot so insulation is necessary. The cup should also not burn or freeze your hands when you hold it.


Again, size depends on what you are selling and your business model. For most businesses, 6oz is too small and 12oz is too big. However, you should make cups in every size small-large to meet different needs. You don’t want yogurt paper cups that are too big that the business will be making losses but they should also be big enough to leave customers feeling satisfied with the content inside. The best size for most ice cream shops, frozen yogurt stores, and bakeries is 8 oz. so customers can be able to pile the desert with some toppings or add an extra scoop without difficulty.


The most important aspect when designing anything including paper yogurt cups is quality. You want something that can hold content without soiling or any leaks and it must stay that way for a long period of time. High-quality paper cups can handle even extreme temperatures and they don’t fall apart or crush easily. One of the ways to do that, besides using a high-quality material, is to have double P.E. coated paper on the inside for leak resistance and strength.

Spoon placement

Do you want your clients to be able to use a straw or a spoon to eat out of their frozen yogurt cups? What kind of a lid do you plan for the paper yogurt cups? These are important things to consider and they can make the cups more popular with clients. The perfect cup should pair well with a lid to seal the content in tightly so they don’t spill when you are moving. Most people eat their desserts while walking around or driving in the car and they don’t appreciate messing up their clothes or car seat. A tight-fit lid and a spoon can make all the difference to such people.


Being able to stack the paper yogurt cups is very important in some establishments because they will take less space and it’s also a great way to display them. Stack-ability also makes transportation easier because you can ship hundreds of cups in a very small package. Make sure the cups stack all the way into each other so one stack can take as many cups as possible.


One of the best ways to advertise your business is by using thepaper cups and other packaging supplies. It is an affordable way to get your details out there to anyone who will see that cup. The bestyogurt cups should be white in color so the business owner can be able to brand it the way they want and also write customers’ names and order types. The cups can be branded using sleeves, stencil and even color changing abilities. It should allow the business to go to their chosen length with creativity and marketing strategies.

Paper yogurt cups are an environmentally friendly and safe way to serve drinks, desserts and other food items. The cups should be recyclable, safe to use and versatile. When conceptualizing these cups, think beyond profitability and focus more on a cup that meets your clients’ needs.


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