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January 17, 2018

Paper yogurt cups always come in handy when you are hosting an event on a budget. What’s more, is that you can have them customized for birthdays or pre-wedding events. A new reception trend is to serve frozen yogurt at a casual style wedding. Guests would surely love some of this delicious dessert, especially children. From a business perspective, by displaying your logo or slogan, you can create an extensive market for your services or products. The two main variants are the clear and paper yogurt cups that you can use for your specific needs.

Use the right cup for the right party

Frozen yogurt served as dessert after main meals is a treat that adults and children enjoy. It is so easy to make your own combinations and add flavors that guests would love. While hosting casual parties, some people use paper yogurt cups ranging in size. Doing so allows you to serve a sizeable amount while also leaving room for toppings. For formal gatherings, some prefer a clear plastic design. If it is a birthday party, you could have cups emblazoned with the person’s name and party date or with a congratulatory message.

Show your business logo and the name

If you are running the yogurt business, chances are you are also competing with others down the street. To keep customers coming to your place, you need to give them something that keeps reminding them of your quality product. Having your name and logo on a yogurt cup sets your business apart from any other. For this purpose, you may use a few varieties of paper yogurt cups. On each cup or set of a few for various sizes, you have ample room to get creative. Besides, a choice of color variety to reflect themes that people associate with will keep your yogurt selling.

Capture images that appeal to everyone

Paper yogurt cups and containers can make you stand out in other ways. Another plus is that colorful designs look attractive to all customers of all ages. In addition to branding, consider color mixes that will make your packaging appeal to clients. Examples of these include sea waves, sunshine or sunset on a hill. For children, you can reproduce images of their favorite cartoon characters on the sides of the cups and match the lids and spoons. Since these are heroes the little ones admire, they will keep asking their parents for yogurt in a paper cup bearing their favorite superhero image.

Create holiday themes

Another creative way of utilizing paper yogurt cups is by taking advantage of holidays. Find a graphic designer that can produce images that resonate with a celebratory mood. In January when everyone is ushering in the New Year, capture fireworks display accompanied by the appropriate words. Come February, the month of love; your yogurt cups could have images of hearts or other holiday prints used randomly across the sides.

Customized paper cups for schools

Keeping a supply of paper yogurt cups within institutions can also be a great benefit especially for sports game food trucks or snack bars. Colleges and universities are some of the top market segments for yogurt and ice cream. For school-based restaurants and cafeterias, customized cups with the name of the school, logo, or mascot are great promotional ideas. Students would love to buy refreshments with their university’s name splashed on it. The creativity can extend to events at the institutions for graduations and orientation of new students.

As an event host or an individual who has the urge to eat some yogurt, the way it is served does really matter. All types of plastic or paper yogurt cups work correctly on just about any occasion. In a formal party, the transparent cups have an edge while a casual party they may need to be more colorful. Paper cups aid the branding of business or event in ways that make people remember it. By creatively interweaving colors, you can use both categories of cups targeting kids and adults. People love the cheer that comes with holidays; so be sure to capture the theme in your next purchase of paper yogurt cups.


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