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Make Your Paper Yogurt Cups Stand Out

Customers are the heartbeat of your business. Without them, you cannot survive and the reason why you need to attract and retain loyal clients. Quality products always entice people to buy from your outlet. However, poorly done or improper packaging can ruin your hard work. Other than placing a good product on the market, you need aggressive marketing. TV commercials, mentions on the radio, use of flyers and billboards are but a few examples of marketing channels. However, these modes of advertising can be expensive.

Customized paper yogurt cups are an ingenious way to package and sell ice cream or yogurt. These two top the list of all the creamy delicacies that people consume. For your business, being able to sell hundreds of yogurt scoops packaged in branded cups could rake in huge profits. To your competitors on your trail, you need to think of ideas that make the packaging attractive and memorable. Below are proven ways of making your yogurt cups stand out from the competition and giving your business great brand recognition.

Brand using your logo

Branding attracts the consumer to a product; it hooks and pulls them in. Restaurants and ice cream parlors are easy to distinguish. They brand their outlets using bright colors, lettering and, slogans that you can remember long after consuming their products. Using the same concept, have all your paper cups printed with your logo. If you are not happy with how your brand logo looks, hire a creative designer to tweak it a little.


Merely serving a scoop of yogurt in a cup is not sufficient. A client feels good when they find something extra. Look at how fast food restaurants treat their customers. If you are buying pizza, for example, they wrap it in a shapely paper box. As part of the package, the pizza comes with serving paper, plastic forks, and knives. Borrow a cue from these people by having plastic spoons to accompany the cup. These are inexpensive items that will not affect your cost of production significantly.

Have several designs

As you consider tweaking your logo to reach a customer’s heart, think of producing paper yogurt cups in different shapes. The beauty of working with paper is that you can mold it into any shape you desire. An ingenious way to spoil your customers is by having different designs for every season. Alternatively, you can still have the separate varieties rolling out at the same time. You could let a client choose a shape they love, and they will keep coming for more.

Use attractive colors

Everyone has a color they love. Turn this attraction into profit by printing your paper cups in different colors. Let the color engulf the whole cup with the logo skillfully done on one side. Someone who has not tried out your yogurt or ice cream will see other people carrying the paper yogurt cups and be inspired to buy. Choose colors that people associate with food. Some examples include: red, blue, gold, white and pink.

Holiday-themed colors

Themed colors attract customers in ways you cannot imagine. Each time, a holiday is near trying letting people enjoy taking their favorite drink or cream in a holiday cup. During Valentine’s holiday month of February, use red-colored cups to go with the people’s holiday spirit. On the other hand, come December, white cups can blend perfectly with the snowfall. You could also throw in splashes of green for the Christmas tree. During Summer, yellow and gold can help cheer-up your customers.

Packaging for holding cup and snacks

In most cases, customers who buy yogurt will also want to buy something else to eat. To accommodate them, develop your cups to include a lid or holder. A brilliant idea is one where you incorporate a box to hold the yogurt cups and a beverage or other product available. With this package, customers can have both their favorite drink and a snack.

Paper yogurt cups can create a broad exposure for your business. Splashing a logo on the side draws attention and makes people want to try your product. An accessory such as a spoon will have the customer feel that you care. Variety in the design creates an opportunity to use colors and themes. Also, remember to provide creative packaging for people who are on the go carrying snacks around.